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Turning Ten on the Road to Kamping by Nigel Gordon

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Nigel's use of Ten is unusual and ingenious. His location for the story is exotic and convincing.

A gentle and interesting story, well told and a nice change of pace. One to return to, there is enough detail to support a second reading. Well done Nigel, I thank you.

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Excellent story which does that rare and remarkable trick of showing you someplace new and making it feel familiar by the end. I'm going to be going back through this one and looking for hints at the techniques he used to accomplish that :-)

I did have a few minor grumbles about mechanical things, but I'll be expounding on those in my email to the author. They're not serious enough to mention here.

In the end, I feel like I lived those two nights in the jungle and that counts as success of the highest kind.

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