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Christopher And His Kind (2011)

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It's a great film, very well acted. Isherwood doesn't come across as a very likeable person, though....

At the end of the film Auden said to Isherwood:

"The only cause you care about is yourself...You've turned it into an art form, rather successfully as it happens."

There was a documentary made about the second half of Isherwood's life - "Chris and Don: A Love Story." It's about his years in California with the artist Don Barchardy. Below is the film's trailer.


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Isherwood was quite an icon for many American gays; he seemed to have it all, lionized by both the literary community and the Hollywood crowd, and very public in a time when being public was not possible for ordinary gay mortals. He was, not unlike other "stars", extraordinarily full of himself and well able to seize any opportunity for self-aggrandizement. By coming to the United States he somehow managed to shed the very nasty parts of his European reputation.

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A photographer friend of mine, from Isherwood's era and persuasion, stood in awe of the man for what he wrote and the photos he took. He was beacon of modernity in a very difficult and repressive time, and much admired for his talents.

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