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Stereotyping in the UK

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This is something I would expect in fundamentalist Christian communities across America. I know the UK has its own issues with gender, although lately racism seems to be the major issue.

Gender stereotyping is based upon ignorance. Since the world has such a vocal minority of Christian haters who are probably disappointed their voices don't get heard on the national news we get to read stories like this from the UK.


It is wrong to deny his right to wear clothing some see as only appropriate to girls. Does that mean they demand the girl's not wear pants at this school? The kid is five years old, a very impressionable age, and the only impression he is getting from all this is that there is something wrong about what he does. The mother has every right to be upset...bring on the lawyers.

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I suspect and hope that mother is explaining, to her son, that there are some really obnoxious, inflexible people out there, lacking what we might call common sense.

Of course, the story exposes the fact that some people cannot cope with change, or even see the need for leaving limiting stereotypes in the dustbin of history.

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Don't you love it when school administrators lie to defend their own views? Saying the parents of other kids were concerned and upset about this kid's clothing choices simply wasn't true. The administrator was the one with prejudices, and he just didn't want to admit it.


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