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I have a new favorite television program. Those of you who remember the wonderful British crime drama Inspector Morse and its spin-off Inspector Lewis will enjoy the third program in the series, Endevour, the story of Inspector Morse when he was first starting as a detective sergeant in the Oxford police during the sixties. And, naturally, if you love opera, the program is even better! Unfortunately, as many British programs are, there are only a few episodes produced for each season. I suspect this season has already been broadcast in Britain, but in the US, it can be seen Sunday nights on Masterpiece on PBS. Watch it! You will treasure it.

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Doc Martin is a big favourite in this household. I have boxed sets of DVDs of several of the series.

What do our US-based critics think of The Newsroom? I only just recently discovered it, thought it very good (after I'd worked out it was drama, not current affairs!)

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