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A new angle on child abuse...

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"The devil made me do it." How old is that saying? Only now it has been refined as a demon and he has a name.

I suppose Christian missionaries expect to do such good works that God will possess them...didn't work for this boy, except that his claim of demon possession will not wash in court. Take a gander at his story:


Molesting children while on a mission for God seems like the ultimate form of nasty behavior. These are orphans whose lives have already been disrupted by the lack of parents to guide them. And then along comes this moron who claims that a demon named Luke forced him to molest these children.

May I suggest that whatever church sends these missionaries to Africa did a less than stellar job of supervision. But it seems this type of Christian is more comfortable claiming someone else made him do the deed rather than owning up to the responsibility for his acts. He's facing life in prison for his misdeeds which ought to give him plenty of time to think about what he has done.

Perhaps in one aspect he is lucky that they are going to trial here in the U.S. I don't imagine he would last more than 24 hours in a Kenyan prison with a charge like this.

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This appears to be a clear and simple instance of personality displacement. You have some aspect of your personality you don't like and you push it off into another personality which you make different from yourself.

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