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Religious views can change...it gets better.

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In this day and age as anti-gay legislation gets struck down by the courts I imagine we will see more articles like the one I post here. For those of you who are good Christians and use your intelligence to decide when the evil nature of man has nothing to do with your religious beliefs then I will be sincerely happy for you.

But here is the story of one young boy who faced a serious dilemma with a highly religious father who was terribly abusive. I think when we abdicate our moral compass to a higher power that will not and cannot answer our immediate needs we come to the same conclusion this boy does. Prayer does not work if that is the only way we seek answers.


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This is what I commented... I'm not trying to start a religious argument or anything, I just wanted you to know that I did read the article and enjoyed it enough to comment.

"I am always amazed by the way religious people seem to react with such hatred and anger whenever someone says that they don't believe in God. Personally, I don't believe or disbelieve one way or the other on the 'God' question. I am Taoist, and I'm a lot less concerned with the afterlife than my place in this one.

But I was once a Mormon missionary, and I lived and taught about Jesus in South Korea for two years. There I met a very interesting man named Lee Sang-sur. He had been a Methodist minister for twenty five years, had read the bible cover to cover over fifty times during his ministry, and he had grown to become an atheist. It hadn't happened quickly, of course, but he found the inconsistencies in the doctrine, the times when the mouthpieces of God couldn't agree with each other, and he couldn't accept the fact that God had changed his mind.
He never tried to push it on me unless we were actually talking about religion. He didn't stop me on the street or visit my home to try and bring me around to his way of thinking. No, that was what we missionaries were doing. Only when we spoke about the Mormon Doctrine to him did he speak about why he was an atheist.
In the end, he was the more real person, and I had to side with him. Whether or not God exists is irrelevant. Any religion that relies on fluctuating principles that they pretend are unchanging will end up being false."

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@ Cynus. I trust you've read the 'Tao of Pooh.'

Not yet. My studies have strictly been directed at the Tao Te Ching, though I will perhaps expand someday when I have a better understanding of the principles espoused therein.

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