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Looking for a story here that rolled off of the serial list not long ago and have no idea who the author was, and of course can't find it. It was set in early 1900's Greece and there was photography. There was a battle with the Germans and maybe the USA. Not sure who it can be.

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I'm not sure but I think you have got your country wrong. The story that springs to mind is 'The Moor' by Solsticeman. You can find it here:


The story is set during the period immediately prior to the Second World War in Sicily and then moves to Rome during the time of the Second World War. It concerns a boy who starts as a photographer's model and ends up as a war reporter and covers the front from the Italian perspective. Sorry if this is not the correct story but it sounds like it.

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Yes, of course there is a God, she's black and gay!

The Moor is one of my favorite stories and I think one of Solticeman's best. Enjoy reading it again.

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