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Hate in real time


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Hopefully the silence means he's contacted someone and something is happening.

I agree. I've sent this link to a number of groups that I know contain LGBT sympathetic people who live in Kentucky. I'm hoping that if his situation hasn't already improved that at least someone will be able to do something.

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Guest Dabeagle

On a personal level...LGBT kids are way underserved - in fact I read an article where they said social workers put them right into group homes - don't even look for families because they have two strikes arelady being teens and being gay. The bitch of it is, we've been looking for more than a year for a child in the system that has come out that we could have femilial chemistry with and adopt. This kid won't even get into the system - but we have a spot for him.

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He added this to his post:

"Update: Parents ended up finding me and apologized. They said they accept me for who I am and hope this can be behind us. I will update if they act up again."

Seems like a very quick turnaround.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Thank you for the update. I have been mobilizing my resources in Kentucky to try and find a home for him, and I had two people lined up who had already sent him a message through reddit. I was pleased to be able to tell them that it looks like we can stand down from red alert. I'm going to keep watching this closely for the next few days, but I'm glad that it seems the worst is over.

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The cool thing is that one of those I contacted was so moved by the kid's situation that she's going to create a website geared toward helping kids get out of situations like this. Helping link those that have been kicked out with those that can help them. Hopefully this will actually work out, and we'll be able to help more people.

Thanks again to Hoskins for bringing this to my attention.

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I've seen so many of these that I've gotten like a little kid watching a gruesome horror movie. I wait till the end to look and see if it turned out OK.

I've seen so many of these stories I just dread them. :(

As for you Cygnus, you and your pal creating a web site to help these kids, consider yourselves both hugged.

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I came to this story late, but am glad of the outcome and possible new system to help similar kids in future. Kudos

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