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End of Man by Gabriel Duncan (Loki)

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This is one of Gabriel's (Rustic Monk) older stories, revived here for your consideration.

End of Man is something like an introduction, something like a commentary, something like the sound of crying in an empty room. Bow down to Science, a God of Man, if Man indeed will have any other god before him. It isn't Science itself that's at fault, but what lives in our hearts that drives it. Hate, fury, vengence, even curiosity, all trying to thrust us into Ragnarok, into the End Times. Just to see what might happen...


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EEK! Too dark for me, though I usually like thrillers and science fiction.

I know you were purposefully making it so dystopian, Gabe. It's well written. Wow, the story has some bite to it. Well done in that. -- I wonder if you ever saw The Omega Man? Your story is clearly original.

Waah. Hold me!

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