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News that isn't even funny

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I usually get a laugh in the grocery store check out line while viewing the tabloid magazines. It's like viewing some bizarre otherworld news and some of it is very funny, but this is just pathetic:


I always wonder why anyone would buy such obvious crapola...everyone certainly knows these stories are the product of demented and out of work television comedy writers...don't they?

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We obviously need to form a group of us older guys reading our stories on social media. We would, of course, call ourselves, with Mikes permission,

The Awesome Dudes.

I just hope we could get an audience of screaming guys at all our interviews.

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Both the questionaire and the answer seem problematic to me, Rick. Of coures, Cynus would know the culture in South Korea better—Dude too, for that matter—but a school admin asking the students what punishments would be appropriate for homosexuals (not acts but students) just seems far-fetched to me. And the student's essay doesn't sound a bit like a student's essay.


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