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Playing Santa by Cole Parker

Guest Dabeagle

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Guest Dabeagle

No one will be surprised that this story is fin and sweet, but you might be surprised at the, uh, harder edge in it.

This was really fun to read - great job, as per normal for Cole.

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I have a young acquaintance back east who has worked for several years at a Hollister store, and it always sounded pretty brutal, even during non-holiday times. The only spiff was that he got a good deal on all their clothing, because they wanted all employees to wear that brand on the job. But there were often late nights when they had to reset the whole store after closing to be ready with new displays and merchandise the next morning (I think he called this "impact").

Anyway, I thought of him while reading about Gavin's adventures.

One question: Did Gavin wuss out on the plan he had with his supervisor?


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Guest RBartlett

This story brought back memories of working in retail while in college. The holiday season is hell in a department store where as the rest of the year it only feels as bad as purgatory. Gavin started out as a real brat and it was hard to care about him at first but he certainly grew up some during his experience and I'm glad I stuck with him long enough to see it. This was a really fun story.

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