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Edward Herrman

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One of my favorite actors of all time has passed away. Edward Herrman was a gentleman, a kind and decent man who was generous and respectful of others. I first came across him in high school when he appeared in the Harvard Law School movie The Paper Chase. He was nominated for an Emmy twice in the 1976 and 77 mini-series Eleanor and Franklin, He was a frequent narrator of documentaries on The History Channel--back when they actually showed history on the History Channel. Younger readers will know him from The Lost Boys and the program The Gilmore Girls--which I have never watched. He was also the headmaster in the 80's mini-series The Lawrenceville Stories, which are dear to Cole's heart. You could often hear him, also, in a number of Ken Burns' documentaries

But I will always remember him for The Paper Chase and Eleanor and Franklin. He was a gentleman and unpretentious, but scholarly and decent. I will miss him.

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Herrmann became for many of us the definitive FDR reenactor, and had his privileged accent down perfectly. His last turn as Franklin Roosevelt was his voiceover for FDR for the recent Ken Burns documentary series on PBS.

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