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Consequence by Steven Adamson


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I was surprised to see that this short story, which is currently one of Dude's Picks from the Past, has not had a thread started for it.

I don't run into this kind of thought-provoking Rod Serling/Ray Bradbury kind of story that often, and it was a nice change of pace. The story poses interesting questions about life in a technologically advanced future version of our society.

Worth a read.


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Thank you for the kind words.

Some inside info: This story was written when I was still a young teacher and one of my students told me he'd rather live in the middle ages because life was 'more real' back then.

I, being a firm technologist, had a lot to say on the idea. You can see the signs that I was a raw writer in the fact that I made the main characters teacher and student. Nowadays, I'd find a way to remove the characters from my own life more. But that's a discussion for another thread maybe?

Re-reading it now, I'm most happy that my pro-technology views didn't come out in the story as preachy.

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