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British actor Stephen Fry marries Elliot Spencer...


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Not sure how famous Stephen Fry is outside the UK - he has a huge following on Twitter and he has probably achieved "National Treasure" status here - although too much of a good thing sometimes has me clicking the off button when he pops up yet again... BBC Radio 4 comedy panel games Just a Minuite & Sorry, I Haven't A Clue... turn on the TV and he's everywhere... another episode of QI, Blackadder repeats, Bones, Kingdom, documentaries, travelogues...

Last Saturday he and Elliot Spencer got married in the county of Norfolk ("Very flat - Norfolk" - Noel Coward) - he lives near the pretty little market town of Swaffam (his Kingdom TV series was filmed there too). Hooray! Good for them and good luck!

As many of you reading this will be AD's esteemed authors can I recommend his BBC radio series "Fry's English Delight" - latest series will still be available free as podcasts or via the "listen again" option - previous series as paid for downloads. One other recommendation - Stephen was diagnosed as having manic depression - also known as bipolar disorder - and bravely made an excellent two part documentary "The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive" in 2008 on how he and others, including fellow actor Richard Dreyfuss, cope with the condition on a daily basis. In the films Stephen admits he doesn't want to take Lithium or any other medication - I hope Elliot is ready for a roller-coaster ride!

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He is author of one of the finest books explaining formal poetry ever written. The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within (US edition by Gotham Books, 2005) is worth a look by any aspiring poet intrigued by formal verse if for no other reason than the fact that Fry presents sly gay jokes for many of his examples.

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I have been devoted to Stephen Fry for decades. His three novels-- The Liar, The Hippopotamus, and Making History are absolute delights. I wasn't very pleased with The Star's Tennis Balls (I think it has another title in the US- a British friend sent me a copy through the mail back in the 90's). His memoir Moab Is My Washpot is also wonderful. The movie Peter's Friends includes his friends from the Cambridge Footlights, Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson, and is very moving. He was also Oscar Wilde, a role he was born to play, in the movie Wilde and was Thomas Arnold in a less than satisfying remake of Tom Brown's Schooldays. BTW, the Footlights production from 1981 can be found on YouTube in five parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FA9qaHKod0 I am devoted to Stephen Fry. And I agree with Merkin, The Ode Less Traveled is a a fascinating guide to writing one's own verse. I have the tools now; I just wish I had the talent!

We often discuss Stephen Fry here on AD.

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He was also Oscar Wilde, a role he was born to play

FreeThinker's pertinent comment made me look agan at the picture of the happy couple signing the Marraige Register posted on Stephen's Twitter page - I had wondered why the caption above that picture reads:

"Oh and @ElliottGSpencer and I had our vows witnessed by a mini Oscar Wilde. Because one should. #greencarnations"

... but where was Mini Oscar Wilde? Puzzle solved if you visit #greencarnations and click on "expand" beneath same picture - there is "Mini Oscar" witnessing events sat on the Dereham Registry Office table! Twitter cropped him - only the very top of his head appears bottom right!


Hmm! Seems you only see a thumbnail pic above if you're signed-in? if so click on pic to expand.

If no joy/not signed-in follow: #greencarnations or try: https://twitter.com/stephenfry/status/556537953812774912

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I've enjoyed the many YouTubes with Stephen Fry debating religion and atheism. He is so rational and yet compassionate; one of my heroes.

I'll post from one of his more ardent and spirited debates, but Be Warned religious people may find it confronting.

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That was very powerful, and excellent points were made. But we were missing the rebuttal. I'm sure the church had to have had a rebuttal!


Just remember that you asked for it, Cole, and yes I have watched all 2 hours of it. If you can make the time it is very worthwhile.


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