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Mike's Story by Nigel Gordon


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A new short story that, per the introduction, is the "flip side" of the earlier A Strange Warmth. I actually found this story more interesting by not having read the previous one first.

It's a nice and satisfying story.

I remain curious as to why Mike, the narrator, was in a British prison. I don't think we ever find out, but there is a provocative hint when he remarks that whatever it was would not have been illegal in Holland or Germany. Maybe that comment means more to the Europeans out there than it does to me.


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I found myself torn by this story, as I know the parties on who it is based. As has been pointed out you are probably better off reading Mike's Story before you read Strange Warmth. Reading either of them will leave you with a lot of questions but I suspect that is intentional, will we see a follow up for Valentine's Day 2016.

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