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Remove Pat Robinson's 700 Club from ABC affiliates


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Pat Robinson just compared gay marriage to man-dog marriage. Pat Robinson Compares Gay Marriage to Man-Dog Marriage

Now I've got nothing against dogs but I'm reasonably sure that they have no standing in legal agreements.

This guy is an ass hat and spreads hate against the GLBT community every time he opens his senile mouth.


Tell ABC Family that this isn't the sort of family values you had in mind when you tune in.

If you have had quite enough of this asshole, sign the petition below:

Remove Pat Robinson's 700 Club from ABC Family

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There is always going to be a Pat Robinson or someone of his ilk out there because viewers want to believe the absurdities he spouts. None of his recent pronouncements have anything to do with the Bible backed preaching we get from most Christian ministers and in that I can agree, he seems to be senile.

But 700 Club is a big business and Robinson is just the product it sells. In some ways his irrational thoughts being shared across the nation feed the simple minds of his followers. In other ways it gives the gay community the means to point a finger and say "There, this is how far down Christianity has fallen."

Not all Christians are pro-Robinson and I am sure his commentary is an embarrassment to many. In that perhaps he does influence the weak minds of his viewers this becomes a negative for the gay community although I think most of us just laugh at him. Assholes like Robinson never go away, just look at what happened to Jim Baker. He stole millions, was convicted, asked for forgiveness from Christians, and is once again back in the preaching business. Some people never learn.

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