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I have had it with SKYPE!

Since Microsoft acquired SKYPE, the communications system has been on a steady downhill slide. Now – the latest version of SKYPE – has apparently removed the privacy protections and today I got about two dozen solicitations from ‘female’ SKYPE users this with all my privacy setting set at max.

This has been a subject of continuing complaints on SKYPE’s own user forums but has been consistently ignored by SKYPE.


Since John (AlienSon) our Design Editor and I often need to communicate by IM we have been using SKYPE. As Microsoft – the world’s greediest marketer – intends to do nothing about this we need a secure method of IM communications.

Can anyone suggest a system that is secure and spam-free, even if it requires a reasonable annual fee?

Thanks, gang!


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I only use Skype for three people, but I haven't set any privacy settings. Whilst I agree with things getting worse under Microsoft, I haven't suffered the problems you have encountered, Mike. If you like we could compare settings if you have the time...

As for other programs I haven't been able to find anything else that offers any better.

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