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The Misfit by Larkin

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A poignant story and very well told, a great introduction to the writing of our newest AD Author.

The story very ably portrays the half-comprehension of young people about their sexuality, and also the difficulties presented when an age gap of two years straddles the significant 16 year point, making the relationship in some parts of the world considered an adult/child liaison.

A difficult subject very well handled, methinks.

There's a line I can't quite make sense of:

"Look, Leo, I'm putting it right next to Pika the Pokemon. Thanks him, "You didn't need to do that." There are three quotation marks, and 'Thanks him,' should be 'Thanks for it'?

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This story tackles a difficult subject and does it well. It leaves one with questions that are not easy to deal with, that is why it is well worth reading.

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