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So now I'm star-struck

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OK, so I'll come clean. I don't visit websites that feature movie stars, fashion models, pop singers, women who see how much clothing they can not wear and stay a half inch outside the reach of the blue noses, the Kardashians, or any of the the thousands of other notables floating around these days. I don't know most of the famous people who get into the newscasts. I hardly know the name David Beckham. I didn't, in fact, know he had kids.

But, I came across this because it was plastered on the pictures that accompany stories Yahoo! wants me to read. And I will say this. That kid named Romeo, who's in a couple of pictures in this article, is cuter than a chipmunk in a tutu.

So, I'll do my part and say, 'Happy 13th, Romeo!'



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Check out this video featuring Romeo for Burberry produced last year. Romeo is a talented dancer as well and lots of critics raved about his performance. I'm not a fan of David Beckham's tattoos but, with parents like David and Posh, it would hard for Romeo not to be good-looking and talented!

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