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Truth sounds real when you hear it

Chris James

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We have avoided talking about Kim Davis, the irrational county clerk from Kentucky who now finds herself in jail for contempt of a court order. She deserves the sentence for trying to impose her personal religious beliefs on the taxpaying public of her county. She refused legal marriage to gay and lesbian clients, denying these people their legal rights.

The story has spread across the country although Rowan County, Kentucky, where she works is just a tiny piece of land. Her personal story is just tabloid material and makes her less than able to defend her religious choice. But she is not paid to impose her demented view of gay marriage especially after the SCOTUS has spoken on the subject.

And here is Leonard Pitts on the subject, one of our most treasured voices in all areas of society:


I respect his view on this subject. Although I don't always agree with some of his thoughts he is dead on target with this one.

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The Pitts article makes one glaring error. He talks of the 'political right', but Kim Davis was an elected Democrat. As such, she is not a paid employee of her county. Her 'supporters' are the voters of that county, presumably mostly Democrats.

These facts do not condone what she did, but they clearly show the poor reporting/commentary of Leonard Pitts.

She is entitled to her convictions, but she is not entitled to force them upon the public in violation of a court order.

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What would happen if Kim Davis had read her version of the bible and decided that, in addition to refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, that all of those who were not party to her version of the Christian faith should likewise be refused? The Atheists, certainly would be told "No!" And those who are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and so on. And maybe even Catholics. But despite all of this so-called Christian rhetoric from Mrs. Davis, the fact that she has been divorced three times, and her current husband is her fourth, doesn't seem to bother her at all. I guess her Apostolic Church variant of Christianity allows those who are divorced to remarry, in fact her supporters state that because she adopted that Church it "wiped the slate clean" and her divorces have been "forgiven by God." How self-serving! How egocentric! How selfish! How hilarious!

Colin :icon_geek:

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Actually, as I understand it, her current husband is her third, not fourth; she recycled one :tongue:

As others have said, the politicians who are coming out in support of her don't seem to realise that by doing so they are also supporting the application of Sharia Law. After all, if a person's religious views can be imposed on others as part of their job, then that's not just restricted to so-called Christians. (I'm someone who considers himself to be a Christian, so that's a dig at those who don't seem to understand that Jesus taught love and inclusion, not hate and discrimination. After all, he was friends with tax collectors and prostitutes...)

I saw a comment online that when asked about her view of signing marriage certificates for people who are divorced and she replied along the lines that that was between them and God. Why can't same-sex marriage be between the couple concerned and God, too? Just another example of hypocrisy in my opinion.

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At issue is the rights of citizens to gain a marriage license from the state in which they live. Kim Davis has made this a religious issue when marriage by a religion is unnecessary for couple to tie the knot. God does not own marriage, neither does Christianity, this is strictly a legal matter and she is denying tax paying citizens their rights under the law. I imagine the lawsuits that are coming because of her ignorant POV will be quite expensive for the state and that she will be pushed from her job for malfeasance in office. Can't happen soon enough.

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Okay, I'll admit it up front: I'm a small minded, vindictive sort. I'd love to see her not only get ousted soon, but very, very publicly. It's just a shame we'll probably never hear what sort of employment she tries for afterward, and what the response from those potential employers is.

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It's usually sufficient for a public official (or a private person, for that matter) who has a religious objection to something -- like a Muslim refusing to serve alcohol or serve pork -- to find someone in the same department or establishment to do what that person objects to. Courts are sympathetic to reasonable accommodations to religious objections.

Kim Davis has the problem that she won't let her staff issue certificates for gay marriage because, as she says, her name is printed on the bottom of the certificate.

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Now it seems she wants to get out of jail. Her attorney said she's willing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples as long as she doesn't have to sign them. I didn't think she'd capitulate so soon. If I was that Federal judge that put her in jail I'd make her swear on a bible that is what she will do.

Colin :icon_geek:

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