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The Bible...fiction or non-fiction?

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I love it when I find a contentious article about something so popular as the Bible. Popular...perhaps in half the world while the other half has their own brand of fallacy. But this is a well constructed diatribe about the Good Book and how those damn Romans did it to all of us in the backside:


I am sure there will be a lot of disagreement on this subject. But I go back to the early memories of a class I took on religion where the teacher said he was willing to discuss any viewpoint...as long as the Bible agreed with it. I lasted a week in that class and told the teacher he was a misguided and very foolish man (I was just trying to be polite).

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I love that. There were soooooo many college profs I'd have loved to have said that to, and worse. I didn't have the spunk you did, Chris!

Of course the Bible is made up. How could there be an accurate portrayal of what happened all those years before anyone knew how to write? We've all played the telephone game were a snippet is passed through a group of ten to fifteen friends and in the end sounds nothing like the original. How does one expect it to work passed through hundreds, maybe thousands of people, each with his own agenda, over many generations?


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