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Don't you love stories like this?

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Back in 2000, I was news director of the now-defunct GAYBC.COM, a 24-hour online gay-talk station based in Seattle. When Fred Phelps headed the Westboro Baptist Church he was often interviewed by telephone by our talk show hosts. When callers piqued his anger, he threatened to picket our station one weekend.

The local Seattle gay community responded with a counter demonstration that surrounded the small band of about a half dozen haters with thousands of the LGBT community folks and their supporters... some of whom came from as far away as Portland Oregan and San Francisco, California.

I knew that Fred always used a bullhorn to be heard at their protests so I was ready for him with my Bose Pro speakers and a Boze 250 Watt amp. We set up in front of the building with a lecturn and despite his best efforts, Fred and daughter Shirley were easily drowned out by speakers such as GAYBC'S own show host Army Colonel Greta Cammermeyer.

Like in this video, it rurned out to be a joyous occasion with a parade of thousands of counter protesters escorted by Seattle Police cruisers and volunteers directing traffic to the street in front of GAYBC.

Just like these high school kids supporting their transgendered Homecoming Queen... the Westboro folks packed up and left when they realized the futility of their mission.

Watching this video... I realized it was the first time I actually clapped my hands for a YouTube video!


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Fred Phelps' passing was celebrated by rejoicing in my home and those of others I know. And we weren't one bit contrite about our POV. Good riddance, we said and still say.

Colin :icon_geek:

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