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Offensive Picture Posts


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This is notice that the Pics - Funny or Otherwise thread is now under it's SECOND suspension as of October 24th.

The reason is for posting of offensive pictures belittling ethnic groups or just poor taste. This second suspension will be lifted in 7 days time.

If the offenses continue after the second suspension expires on October 31st, the thread will be deleted and the poster will be on indefinite moderation status, meaning that every post he/she might make will have to be approved by a moderator before it becomes visible to the AD Community.

I realize that this is the most extreme moderation activity I have had to make in the 11 years of the AD Community Forums, but I am constantly getting complaints about this thread's pictures belittling or otherwise making fun of certain ethnic groups. That type of insensitive activity - if carried out here in Southern California - would earn the perpetrator a punch in the nose... if he/she is lucky.


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Odd. Nobody ever said a word to me, including you. I didn't know there was one infraction let alone two. I post pics that I find funny, thoughtful or endearing. If someone would post a list of what is not acceptable, that would be great. If this is about the Mexican posts, it is called humor. I knew many of them. There English isn't the best sometimes, but their Spanish is impeccable.

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