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Jude & Connor


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This is not my life...growing up was never like this...I only wish. I am still stunned that a show like this exists to give the younger generation of LGBT youth hope. This is what the collective group of AD authors has been trying to do for years and there is no way for us to determine if our words are reaching the right audience.

Thanks, Dude...for everything.

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I have never sat myself down to watch a full episode of The Fosters...not a big fan of television in general...so this is nothing against the show.

I became aware of the Jude and Connor storyline here on AD, thanks to The Dude. I have watched scenes from the show here and on YouTube, it was inspiring. Now I am aware of what happened at the end of Season 3 and realize that the show is not just about two boys in love but the lives of the other characters don't interest me.

I know this is a spoiler, but without the relationship of Jude and Connor I wonder where the writers are going to take this show? As an author I am curious about the intentions behind splitting this duo. From what I have read about the change from ABC Family to Freeform in an attempt to capture the younger audience I wonder at killing the romance of television's greatest gay romance...what are they thinking?

Whatever it is it better be damned good!!

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I seriously doubt that Jude and Connor will actually be broken up. I think it is a plot ploy... a sort of cliffhanger.

The two Executive Producers of the show are gay and support gay youth. I think the plot turn where it looks like Connor chooses to go to L.A. to live with his mom might have been a way to have the boys tell each other "I love you." After hearing that, will Connor still choose to go live with his mother or will he choose to stay in San Diego with Jude.

At the end of Season Two... the last episode had us believing one of the two twins was killed in a traffic accident but it turned out to be a bad dream Steph was having.

All is not lost and knowing the direction the newly named channel seems to be heading... this new season may turn out even better.

Fingers crossed X

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If you do a search on YouTube for "the fosters" there are (as of 5:37 a.m. on 1/2/2016) "about" 113,000 results.

If you do a search on YouTube for "jude and conner" there are (as of the same date/time) "about 51,700 results.

If you do a search on YouTube for "the fosters jude and conner" there are (ditto above) "about" 11,800 results.

Note: it's very difficult to focus searches on YouTube. You'll end up getting a lot of unrelated stuff in any broad search like the three above.

In any case, there's a lot of interest on YouTube for Jude and Conner as a major story line for the series The Fosters.

Some story lines for other characters/character pairs I find interesting; others don't interest me much. No series has to make me love ever character and story line in the series. I'll still watch (recorded!) and fast-forward past stuff I find boring.


Colin :icon_geek:

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