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Fella Tio?

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That reminds me of an old joke about the lollies known as 'lifesavers':


Two gay guys were chatting when one of them sighed. "Life is so depressing at the moment."

The other guy smiled. "Just do what I do when I need a pick up. Suck on a lifesaver."

"That's all right for you; you live by the beach..."

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I read Bruin's article and didn't see dead mackerel listed as one of their flavors. Perhaps they did a market survey and found it didn't appeal.

We do sell many lozenges here. Menthol vapored ones sell well. The popular flavors seem to be honey/lemon, cherry, and mentho-lyptus. I do see a need there for dead mackerel. Guess they never thought of it. Insufficient imagination.


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