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Sydney Mardi Gras

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This report has it as at least 300,000 spectators, but otherwise, yes, it's a big parade :smile: That link also has a small selection of photos. Our Prime Minister attended, the first Prime Minister to do so, but that's not really unexpected. The parade goes through the heart of his electoral district so he's also the local member of parliament and has been attending the parade for years.

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A question for the Aussies here. Mardi Gras is traditionally celebrated on the days leading up to the beginning of Lent. So in most places, that's long past. What is the start point of Mardi Gras Australia style unless it's to take over when the first bunch of party-goers sobers up?

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It was originally held as part of the international Gay Solidarity Celebrations to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, with the first march being held in the Winter months (June, 1978). It was later moved to March so the marchers could enjoy the better weather at the end of Summer.


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More photos, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald. For those who don't know , Bill Shorten is the federal Leader of the Opposition (who's hoping he'll be Australia's next Prime Minister later this year) and the Sydney Stingers are a LBGTI-friendly water polo club.

One thing I'm surprised I haven't seen photos of is the float with the Australian Olympians, lead by the Daniel Kowalski who came out after he retired from international swimming. It's mentioned in news reports, but I haven't seen any pictures.

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Just had an email from a 74 year old friend who is currently on a round the world trip. He said the following:

In Sydney, fantastic day, made me feel twenty again. Worth the trip just to see this parade!!

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