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Law discriminates against HETEROsexuals?

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Here's an odd twist to modern times. A very senior US Air Force officer has been charged with a number of serious [hetero]sexual offenses. His defense is that the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) is written so that it does not consider certain charges against homosexuals that can be charged against heterosexuals, so he wants the charges dismissed.

If he were an enlisted puke they'd crucify him. This guy? I won't be shocked if they just let this guy retire and... "Move along now. Nothing to see here."


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Actually he does have a good point with respect to the specific charge of adultery. If you are going to have equality before the law you are going to have to make sure that the law treats heterosexuals and homosexuals equally. For a time in the UK we had the situation where it was legal to sodomise a man but illegal to sodomise a woman. That was sorted out after a bit. There is still a discussion going on over here with respect to adultery as it is grounds for the dissolution of a marriage by divorce but is not grounds for dissolution of a civil partnership.

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I'm guessing the prosecutor was engaged in throwing the book against him. I guess as the story is presented there is a point, but in my mind with any offence the real test is, is there a victim? If there isn't, the talk about upholding morale is just that, talk.

In any event, the offence could be applied whatever the sexuality as the article claims. Although I'd not be surprised if no homosexual has ever been successfully prosecuted for it.


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