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The Boy and the Level by Solsticeman

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It's nice to see this short story in the blast from the past section. It was one of the first things I wrote, so it's close to my heart... Thank you Awesomedude. Read it here...


I fear I have been silent for a long while, an emotional wobble and work on the next novel have distracted me, but the new work is nearly done, a naval tale set in the Restoration Fleet of 1660, a century before Hornblower and Ramage.

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Wonderful short story. And this one almost cries out for a sequel. Considering the main character is already shown to e a bit of the bookworm, imagine the fun he (and we, vicariously) could have in researching some of the history involved. A bit like Billy's da and brother meeting up with Michael years later at the ballet!

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Many thanks guys, your kind words are much appreciated.

I do believe the Boy and the Level was the first thing I published here and at iomfats, that is, on a "quality site".

Shades of Gray was still a nifty style romp in need of vigorous revision at that stage.

The conscious sequel to the Level was "Adult Fiction" set in the bookworms local library. Both AF and B&L are largely autobiographical in setting... its just that the bookworm is generally luckier than I was, for me school holidays were lonely and the library was a refuge from boredom (did you know Charles Dickens invented boredom... the word I mean)

Incidentally the level in question was last used in WW2... as an air-raid shelter for the nearby grammar school. That wasn't my school, we wore a rather stylish black and silver. The locals wore green... I could never have lived with wearing green!

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Gracious me, Cole. That is really kind of you. In many ways Adult Fiction was a wish-fulfillment story. All my friends were at school, and the school holidays could seem interminably lonely. To have actually met another boy like that would indeed have made my summer. Prehaps it's that intense desire for companionship that attracted you to it. Thank you. As they say... it's what keeps us writing.

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