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Day of Defiance



Day of Defiance. I like that. I heard it on TV yesterday, during that "non"-coup d' etat. It was one of the leaders of the "non"-rebellion who said that. Day of Defiance, he said, so we should all go there and support them. In other words, they need human shields to block bullets from the police and the army. Poor them, though. Only the media went there so they could cover what was happening. And they surrendered in the end, after the government rammed a tank into the hotel (The Peninsula) that they used as fortress. The media guys were "arrested" along with them because the police and the army were irritated since they couldn't fire at the "non"-rebels at will. Stupid media. I wish those "non"-rebels were all killed yesterday. They were playing underdog after the whole event.


I haven't blogged in a while. I haven't blogged a real blog in a while. I mean, I wrote a poem, an unfinished story, and some spam (because I read my junk mail too). But "nothing" since that Parental Guidance thing. Well, I'm blogging now.

Six months ago, I quit my job, intending to concentrate on studying. I was supposed to be in my third year as an accounting student, and well, things are supposed to be "intense" at that time, right? The college of business in that school was new; they've been a medical school for more than 25 years. So they needed guys who would surely pass the CPA board, regardless of where they studied, so they offered me a "scholarship", and some other stupid smart students who don't have that much money to study in college. The teaching was crappy. It actually took me 5 semesters before I said enough to that. So now I'm out of school, looking for a job again.

That was the decision that I was talking about, a few entries back. Quit school. But I didn't tell my parents, until the next semester, this semester, was supposed to start. They got mad at first, though I didn't really mind. They weren't paying for it, after all. I don't know when or how I'll be able to go back to school. But I'm hoping that by June next year, I've saved enough money for that. That is, if I could find a job, which is really hard right now.

Others had encouraged me to go out there and find a job, but I wasn't really "encouraged", you know. It's not for lack of wanting either. I don't know. I guess, some people had to experience mid-life crisis at an early age. In the past six months, I've been angry at the world for all the reasons that I could think of, angry at my parents for the way they were, angry at myself for not being myself. I wish I could show what I really was feeling inside, but it's so easy for me to smile and pretend nothing's going on. My bad, I guess.

Three days ago, I had a "conversation" with my best friend, if you would call texting a conversation. He told me that he got a job at a department store near where I live. (He had moved away, so that means I'll be seeing more of him now.) He told me to get a job too, and if I could, get one where he would be working. And I wanted to. I don't know if it's sad or funny that a lot of people could encourage me to get a job and I still won't be encouraged, but it took my best friend, telling me through SMS, to get a job just to kind of get my spirits up back again. If I had lost it, that is.

The problem is that I'm tired of working for minimum wage. I don't want to work hard for less money anymore. And those minimum-wage jobs always had more requirements than the jobs that pay more. Like haircut. I want to grow my hair up to shoulder length. I haven't cut it in five months, so having it cut just to get paid with minimum wage doesn't sit well with me. At all. I suppose I could always try being a rentboy for a while, and don't think that it hasn't crossed my mind at all. But that's as far down in my list as harakiri is.

I applied for a job two days ago at three call center companies. And no luck. I really don't know why. I mean, I just have to talk English on the phone, and that isn't hard. At the first one, I got as far as the second interview, which, after that, is the final interview. The interviewer in the second interview was a big, fat Indian, who was wheezing the whole time he was interviewing me. And damn it, I spoke better English than he did. He doesn't have any right at all to tell me I didn't pass his interview. The second company told me they'd call me the next day, and I thought, "Yeah, right," but I still waited for their call. It didn't came. Nothing from the phone at home. No missed call on my mobile phone either. The third wanted to see my transcripts in college. And let me tell you, getting your transcripts when your undergraduate is like cutting through the red tape in goverment agencies. I really don't know what the big deal is. The job was, after all, a job where Americans from all over the U.S. curse you over the phone. Seems like a minimum wage job is all I can get right now.

So I'm faced with a decision between cutting the hair that I've been taking care of for the past five months so I could get paid with minimum wage, and having no job but with the promise of seeing how I'd look like with my hair touching my shoulders. Tough decisions for me. I really want to grow my hair long. I think six more months and I'll have that.

End rant.

I haven't answered most of the emails I have received in the past days (more than one is already many), so if any of you reading this have emailed me, you'll be seeing my name in your inbox either later today or tomorrow. I'm not dodging anyone, I swear. I could've answered my emails yesterday, but I was glued to the TV, watching that tank ram into the hotel entrance. It was really cool watching that, by the way, but seeing them fighting their own brothers, their fellow Filipinos, well, it was sad. It's good that the "non"-rebels surrendered, though I'd rather see them killed.

Well, okay, I'll do my emails now.


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Thank you, Wibby.I think an irate you talking over the phone to someone in a call center is a conversation worth eavesdropping on. :lol:Well, I really hope I won't have to cut my hair just to get a job.

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Hmm, I cut my hair once, not for a job, but for an ex-boyfriend. I think there's a blog entry for that story, but later as I really shouldn't go on about that here, but seeing that I'm slowly going bald, I hope you don't have to cut your hair for any reason other than your own personal whim. Good luck on both counts, finding a job and keeping your longish hair soon to be shoulder length.As for Wibby calling a call center. Quite impossible Rad. Since you don't have Raccoons where you live, I'll explain a few things. They don't have phone, and if they did, they wouldn't know how to dial any numbers other than sex 1-900 numbers. But like Cole said, all that patting, probing, washing, well you know. Jason R.

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Hello?hello?Hello?Hello?Hello! Hello, hello? Is anyone there? Yes.Hello.Hello, (in my sweetest voice.)Who is this?Don't you know, you rang me? click. Another one bites the dust. Keep the hair the way YOU want it. :wink:

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:lol:I'm reminded of the animated movie Shark Tale."What?""What 'what'?""What 'what what'?""You said, 'What?', and I said, 'What "what"?'...":wink:

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I'm reminded of my mother getting a phone call from a call center."Hello?""Oh. Really? I'm 87 years old, what would I want a vacation in Mexico for?""Free? Okay, send me the ticket.""Fees? That's not a prize then, is it? If I have to pay for it, it's not a prize.""Oh. Well, I don't have any money anyway, so good-bye." Click"Stupid idiots. Do they think I was born yesterday?"

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Hey Rad, best of luck finding a job and with college.Call centers? Ohh man... I wouldn't wish that on ya.Your hair? Hair will grow back. No matter what you do to it (within reason) it'll grow back. Job and income is greater than hairstyle... but ideally, you'll get a job where they won't care much if you have shoulder-length hair.

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Trab, I don't think that was a call center calling your mom. That's a scammer. Here, they're called Dugo-dugo Gang.And yeah, sometimes, I think about that Blue, where my priorities are supposed to be, hair or job and income. Argh.

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Your hair? Hair will grow back. No matter what you do to it (within reason) it'll grow back.
Blue/Rad:My understanding was, he had to cut his hair for the INTERVIEW for the job. That's sort of cruel and unusual punishment. You're giving up something valuable to you on a whim and a prayer. That's asking a lot.I wonder, Rad, if you can interview with your hair neatly tied off and then mention during the interview that should a job offer be forthcoming, and work rules specify short hair, you'd of course comply?I'd feel terrible if I cut my hair, then they didn't offer me the job. I'd feel used.C
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I’d once experienced that Cole, having my hair cut then not being offered the job. Pissed me off.Okay.. I guess I wasn’t too clear. Minimum wage paying jobs here are the fastfood ones and the department store jobs. They ALWAYS require a guy to have a haircut and I don’t understand why they let the girls keep theirs. I used to work for that before.A call center job doesn’t care about the hair and they pay a lot too, even though the employees get cursed at every minute, but since I wasn’t able to get a job from any of them, well, that leaves me the minimum wage jobs.

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Ah, I wouldn't cut my hair, change hairstyle, or other personal appearance (aside from clothes) for an interview, except for three reasons.1. I want the job enough to do that.2. I think I have a sure chance to get the job.3. It's a job that requires a certain appearance. I'm actually pretty conservative about my appearance. (My standard "look" is business casual, mostly the yuppie/preppie look.) I clean up nice and I'm good in a suit, but a suit is no longer a big deal to me.I learned to relax about appearance. Most people probably wouldn't guess, looking at me or talking with me, that I'm pretty laid back about how other people look. If they knew I grew up around an art shop, they might get it, though. -- Rad, do what fits you. If you need help with your r?sum?, ask some of the guys you trust around here for private opinions. Get whatever job you can and work up from there. Any job and any boss or company that's worth it will see your skills and gradually (or quickly) get you to a level they think you can do. Save up for your future and start back to college as soon as you can, even if it means getting by on a really tight budget. -- Don't give up. You'll get a job and you'll go up from there. If you're as nice as you come across online, then dude, you're a cinch.

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Excellent point, Blue. There are certainly people here that have been through the hiring process enough times that they could offer wonderful advice.And Rad, if you speak anywhere near as well as you write, you should be an excellent interview.I conducted quite a few interviews over the years, talking to people looking for hourly jobs and salaried ones. I'd make it a point to ask the applicant what he would do for us. Why should I hire him? What does he have that will benefit the company? To answer this kind of question, it helps if you know something about the company you are interviewing with, and even better if you know what specific job is open. Then you can prepare for this type question in advance. If he asks that, and you don't know exactly what the job is, then ask him what it is so you'll have some idea how to answer. Bullshitting on an interview isn't very wise. I was friendly when inverviewing people becasue I always felt they were inteviewing me as well as I was interviewing them. I needed to sell them on the job and company as well as they needed to sell me on their attributes. But I also liked to put a little pressure on them, ask them things they'd have trouble answering, just to get a feel for how they behaved under pressure. Did they retain their poise, or get rattled?Any interview should be a period of give and take with neither party doing all the talking. If I hog the conversation, I don't learn enough about the applicant. If the applicant hogs the conversation, I get the impression he might not be willing to listen and learn, and any new job requires the newcomer to be open to instruction. It's not good if, when you answer a question, you then keep talking, running off on a tangent. Answer the question fully, then stop.Be prepared with your own questions. Almost any interviewer will ask if you have any questions. If you say no, you don't appear interested or very bright. You should have some questions. How you ask them shows how well you've been listening to what he's been telling you, and whether you can frame you thoughts well.Applicants that do best are ones who come in feeling self-confident but not cocky, prepared to both talk and listen, to be polite and well-spoken (that means using proper English [or Tagalog in some peole's case]), to look the interviewer in the eyes when you talk to him and he talks to you, to dress appropriate to what the job needs are or in business attire if you don't know what the job will be. You should bring a resume even if you sent one in prior to the interview. You should also be relaxed if you can. A nervous applicant doesn't sell himself quite as well.Hope this helps.C

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Wow! Thanks guys! Those were super advices. Thanks!Apparently though, nice isn't enough. :bunny: I'm confident, though, that if I applied for a minimum wage job I'd get accepted. It's the high paying ones that are hard to get, even though I tried hard to impress them. I've decided that I'll take what I can, even the low paying ones, because I really need to earn and save money for school next year. That, and I'm keeping my hair.

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Cole and Blue make excellent points. To lighten things a little, I will tell you that I grew up in a period when short back and sides was the only haircut available at the "Barber Shop". This was only a few decades after barbers stopped being pullers of teeth as a side-line. :bunny: "Hair stylists" were strictly for women only.So it was short back and sides for me till the early 1960s. Then the Beatles were born and of course HAIR (the musical). Almost overnight kids grew their hair down to the middle of their backs, some of the girls as well.It wasn't long before I too had joined the throngs of hippies with beads, peace love, blue jeans with embroidery and very long hair.Never again we felt, would a job be dependant on the length of our hair.But society had other ideas. Those jobs like bank tellers and other such institutions of conservatism in the work place insisted on short hair, and I mean short, until the 1980s. But young people would not be outfoxed, they bought wigs that made them look like they had short hair, or as if they had long hair. I was lucky I had a job where the union insisted on freedom of personal attire and appearance so long as I and my clothes were clean.Then in the 1990s, after the company had been taken over by the new mentality of fascist conservative blundering inept idiots, edicts were issued forth about "Affirmative action" You know that fabrication about equality in the work place for women and the acceptance of differences in individuals (including being gay) were all part of company policy? So one of the mangers said to me one day, "When are you going to get your hair cut, Des?"To which I replied, "Have asked the girls that question? Have you asked the straight guys that question? Which hair did you have in mind." He never mentioned my hair again.No he didn't fire me. If only he had... :hehe:

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So one of the mangers said to me one day, "When are you going to get your hair cut, Des?"To which I replied, "Have asked the girls that question? Have you asked the straight guys that question? Which hair did you have in mind."
:lol:Oh lawd! I didn't see that coming!Seriously, you'd be great for those Ask-Me sections in magazines. You don't have to have a great advice; your humor would be enough. :bunny:
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