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As Camy had put it, my muse had been on a vacation. But it's now back because of an inspiration from a friend. He told me I should write a poem for the guy who got me into writing poetry and on whom I have a little crush on. I hadn't written in weeks, I think, before that, but on hearing that advice, I finally did. Thanks to him! (Raise your hand please. *Grins*) I'm posting it here because it's too personal for me to post at CW, though not that personal for me to post here in my blog. Go figure. The title is You and Me.

Reign inside;

In the midst of

Chaos, divide;

Heart and soul unite;

A longing kiss

Restores the body;

Deny me not.

All that's said

Gives all that's taken;

All that's done

Brings back the beat,

Unclogs the veins and arteries,

Summons the heart again.

Taken by tomorrow,

Only yesterday to grieve for,

Lost longings

End their journey,

Now meeting

Their equal, their partner,

In the midst of chaos

Never to part

Or even die.

Omens lie;

Crowns are wastes;

Another beginning

Makes all of yesterday

Part forever;

Onward we go.

Anyway... I had told you about my job hunting exploits two weeks ago, and it just seemed fair that I tell you my current situation. I just had an interview with another call center company yesterday, and I now have to go back on Wednesday for training. Never mind that it's more than an hour away from where I live. I love commuting anyway, all those hot guys on the train. Mmm. It really surprises me how many hot guys I see in there.

Anyway, I haven't signed any contract yet, and I'm really not going to get my hopes up. But I wish that was just an oversight. I mean, I was oriented the same day I passed their hiring process, so. I might have a job before the year ends. Ah, I said I won't get my hopes up. The company that I might be working for would have customers based on the West Coast and Australia. The starting pay, though, is a bit smaller than what those companies near where I live offer, so I'll get some experience and try to have a go at those companies again. At least, I might be earning something before the end of the year. Might, being the key word.

I'll write something when I'm officially hired.


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Somebody hire the man, quick! Not only does he need to write, but he needs a cold shower, after seeing all those hot guys.Hey, if you change your mind and would like to have your poem hosted at CW, just let us know.

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