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Sands of Iwo Jima

Jason Rimbaud


I'm sick, I think I'm dying.

My head hurts and I've got this light-headed feeling. My nose is running, there is no way I can have so much snot inside my little head. I'm cold, for the first time in years I'm wearing lounge pants in bed, I have a sweatshirt and I'm wrapped up in a comforter. I'm watching the Sands of Iwo Jima starring John Wayne. God, why can't I just die.

Jason R.


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Jason, I'm sickly, and I've been there, done that. LOL.Hmm... call a friend to come over? It helps when someone's there to pamper you. Get a Vicks Inhaler and antibiotic lozenges. Personally when i have a cold/fever and/or an asthma attack, I sleep with the inhaler stuck up my nose and suck on an antibiotic candy. LOL.Try sweating as much as you can. Wrap yourself in as many layers of blankets as possible.And most importantly, go to a doctor! It could be serious - like typhoid.

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Geez, Jason. I get that all the time. I found that simply wadding a handkerchief into both nostrils works pretty good. It looks a bit funny, dangling over my mouth with two tips stuck up my nose, but hey, it's really practical. I think the worse part of the cold is when you start to actually plug up, and you cannot swallow without popping your eardrums. Now THAT really sucks. That's about when you lose your sense of taste too, so all food tastes pretty much like I would think sawdust tastes, except of course, cedar sawdust, which would probably taste like cedar potpourri. Only a short way down the road, you're going to get to that wonderful stage, the big greeny. I LOVE that time. You kinda close your mouth, and suck back out of your sinuses with your tongue (this is hard to describe) and you slowly but surely suck huge tapeworm-like greenies out of those cavities. Careful though!!! You absolutely do NOT want to use your lungs to get extra power, because if you do, and one of those suckers lets go, you just about choke to death when it gets in your lungs. I particularly like to check out the result, as it lies there, snaking around on my tongue. Are there hard bits? Is it all one color? All thick, or does it narrow from one end to the other? Is it sort of translucent, or or opaque, or best of all, multi-hued and going from almost clear to nearly solid at the far end. Ah, you are in for a major treat my friend, a major treat. :icon13:

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Drink lots of orange juice. Or just tons of Vitamin C and E. Can't have one without the other.Maddy (:
Vitamin C is good, but in certain amounts. Studies show that a 500mg daily supplement (meaning ontop of normal diet) can help purge your body of bad crap. On the others end a 1000mg daily supplement was shown to be less beneficial than the 500mg dose as it not only cleans out the bad crap but the good crap as well! I know I'm not being technical, but I'm sure I could find the article if anyone wants to read it.Get better soon Jason!
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If you are actually ill, you can take several grams of Vitamin C daily, and the body will reject any excess it doesn't need (by giving you the shits), but that type of dosage should not be used when you are well. In fact, Vitamin C, if used in excessive amounts on a regular basis, is one of several causes for kidney stones (don't ask me how I know), so use it in low amounts when used as a preventative.

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I used to get strep a lot as a kid. The doctor told my mom to do the whole steam thing. Just heat some water, put your head over it (obviously be careful not to like burn yourself or something) and put a towel over both of you. It isn't the most comfortable thing, but it will clear out your sinuses. Hope you get better soon!

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Only a short way down the road, you're going to get to that wonderful stage, the big greeny.
Eeew.But yeah, that stage usually feels good coz it means you're starting to feel better. You're hawking out the remains of a cataclysmic battle between your body and invading organisms. Those are the corpses of dead heroes, unsung valiant T-cells, and B-cells, and Phagocytes mixed in with the mangled bodies of bacteria/viruses. Swimming together lifelessly in mucus. :icon8::icon13::icon6:
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I never knew that you could actually take too many Vitamin C. Go figure.And as an update, I feel much better. Thankfully I'm not coughing up to much greeny things. :icon13: Jason R. (well on the road to recovery)Thank you everyone.

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What chance did that awful disease have with Doctor Trab treating you with his psychotherapeutic analysis? The poor thing probably recoiled and expelled itself in fear that someone understood it so well. The vitamin C danger for kidney stones is a very real one. Always drink plenty of water with your vitamin C and never take the "slow or sustained release" variety. A magnesium tablet or capsule supplement can help avoid the kidney stone syndrome too, but don't over do that either. Drinking lots of water helps flush the system of the bugs. The steam inhalation is very useful for helping to clear the sinuses.I use just the tip of a teaspoon of white (never, never use the red) Tiger balm in a bowl of boiling hot water with a teaspoon of chamomile leaves which tends to sooth the raw insides of you nose.Inhale the steam from this mixture with your head under a towel over the bowl.It also helps to examine the excreted goobies and greenies from the nasal cavities and throat.If you can catch them in a tissue you can then show them to people and get their opinion.Invite friends over for dinner and have a goobie inspection while serving desert. Make sure you have a supply of barf bags in case someone has a weak stomach. The sweating it out treatment is also effective, but surrounding yourself with hot bodies in bed is not part of that treatment even if it does make you feel a little better. Bed rest is the aim here.Also avoid large quantities of meat and dairy products. I do hope you feel better Jason. An antibacterial, antiviral mouthwash can also help keep the nasties from infecting your chest, but you need to balance that with an intake of yogurt and/or acidophilus capsules to stop thrush. An acidophilus supplement should also be used after taking a course of antibiotics to correct the intestinal bacteria balance that antibiotics disrupt. As always if in doubt, consult your health care professional who will most likely, have no idea about these things. :icon13::icon8:

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"have a goobie inspection while serving desert. "Tapioca dessert is best for this."An acidophilus supplement should also be used after taking a course of antibiotics to correct the intestinal bacteria balance that antibiotics disrupt."Totally true, although a good meal with NATURAL yoghurt is excellent too. I actually drink the acidophilus milk that's available in many grocery stores. "As always if in doubt, consult your health care professional who will most likely, have no idea about these things."You sure summed that up well. In fact, the naturopathic doctor should probably be your primary health provider, the health food store the second, and then you can consider mainstream alternatives.

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