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EC's Definitive Political Endorsement



Professor Layton has joined the ranks of my personal list of fictional heroes. As a logic tutor at college, I can't help but love the fact that there's a video game protagonist who fights crime by solving logic puzzles, whose catchphrase is "Critical thinking is the key to success!", and who is also a total badass. Just look at him (on the right).


I also like the fact that he dresses just like me. All I need is a taller hat, and I'd make a right proper gent.

Now, pardon me for a second, because I'm about to go all political. Those of you with small children may want to have them leave the room.

I'll keep it short and sweet. I'm ready to declare, as a less-than-super non-delegate.

Any Democratic super-delegates in the house? Listen close, because you're going to want to declare based on the elusive EC Endorsement. I don't pick losers. Except Kucinich. And Dean, back in '04. And Nader, back in '00 (But that one doesn't count, 'cause I was only 14). And...well, actually, I've yet to pick a winner. But, as Obama would say, "This time, for sure! Nothin' up my sleeve...presto!" Wait, no, that was Bullwinkle J. Moose.

I was gonna endorse Obama, but you know what? Screw it. I'm voting my conscience. We need to show strength to our enemies in Pottsylvania.

Bullwinkle/Kucinich '08

Ally...OOP! A stronger tomorrow.

"Thinking people can't be mind controlled - History knows this!

So we'll teach our children to be skeptical of the government

They'll question all the lies they're ever told

They'll be fearless when they stop worshiping the flagpole..."

"The Kids' War" by Attica! Attica!


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Vote wisely? ROFLMAOFrom all I can see, almost every election, voting in the USA is like deciding what to do: eat transfatty acid laced, heavily dyed, refined carbohydrates with presevatives, or drinking cafeine laced, alcohol, brewed in lead lined stills. Momentary good taste, and long term bad effects, either way you choose.

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Badass indeed. The square jaw... the button nose... the wide shoulders... that top hat! Ah! Date-material. LOLActually it's not just Britain. The Secret Federation of Far Eastern Nations have long been mounting psychological warfare on America. Only a little more time... and the world is OURS! MWAHAHA!

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Fire 'em all and let's start over!I am not too impressed with any of the current candidates. I haven't decided yet.I will pick the one I think is best suited, and vote for him or her. Since I haven't decided yet, that is not a hint pro or con.As usual, I will vote for the most palatable or "least bad" choice. Experience has made me jaded about any of them keeping campaign promises or getting elected.Moose and Squirrel? OR Squirrel and Moose? -- That may be the choice in this whole election.Should we vote for Sherman and Mr. Peabody instead?How 'bout Pinky and the Brain? Brain always did want to rule the world.-- Ehh. I hope whoever is voted into office does a good job for the people and for the world as a whole. This stinkin' mudball is a little blue oasis in a whole desert of dark, vast nothingness... and it's home. Somehow, "We must all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." (With thanks to Ben Franklin.)If EleCivil was running I'd vote for him. He's probably dancin' to the latest punk album, and I could vote for him while he's doin' that, too.

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