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Brokenhearted, pt. 2



So, I got out of school last week. Looks like I'm still maintaining a 4.0.

I started summer semester this week. I need to take five classes over the summer and 5 over the fall to graduate on schedule. I've never taken a full load over the summer, before. It's insane. All the summer classes are accelerated - a whole semester's worth of work, compressed into ten weeks. Papers and projects and gobs of reading due every day. One of my classes is double-accelerated - two four hour long classes a week, with all the work squeezed into five weeks. Matt Lauer, it's the first week, and I'm already behind on work.

My summer classes:

Theoretical Approaches to Reading and Writing

Teaching Reading Through Literature to Young Adolescents

Integration of the Arts in Education

Introduction to Theological Studies

Spanish Guitar 2

Heh. You can tell I'm nearing the end of my degree - most of the classes have really long names.

Also, on the chest-bursting front, I went in to get an EKG. As I'm checking in, they ask for my religious preference. In case I need a quick funeral or something, I guess. I tell them I'm a Druid (reformed, not orthodox).

Some samples of dialog from the preparations leading up to the event, as I was lying nearly nude across a table:

Nurse: "You look kind of tense." (*squirts goo all over my chest and begins to stick electrodes to me*)

Me: "I don't do this very often."

Nurse: "I do!"

Me: "Is it more fun on your end?"

Nurse: "Oh, yes. Hey, your ribs are too bony, I can't get this thing to stick. Speaking of which, when I take these off, it's going to rip out a bunch of your leg hair."

Me: "...Neat."

Then they get to the actual EKG part. It's the same technology used for ultrasounds, to see babies while they're inside the womb. Which gives credence to my "incubating an alien" theory, I think. Anyway, they stick this dealie to my chest, and I can see my heart on the screen. It's incredibly detailed - I can see all the little valves opening and closing, the different parts pumping and flexing. The sound is amplified, too, so I'm clearly hearing the funny "squish-POP-thump" and thinking "Holy hell, that's the thing that's keeping me alive."

Weird experience, over all. I get to find out the test results next Friday.

"And hearts aren't made of glass,

They're made of muscle, blood, and something else.

And they don't so much as break as bend and tear,

But we have what it takes to keep it together."

"Bikes and Bridges" by Defiance, Ohio


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I have had a whole heap of them.One was by a very cute Asian guy in his early twenties.He said I had a rapid heart beat. I nearly told him it was his fault."Druid reformed, not orthodox." I just have to try that one. ROFL.Be warned though if your chosen religion is off the chart they call in a Catholic Jesuit Priest as they are supposed to be familiar with the alternatives. (So I am informed by my local doctor).I think I can tell you after all my experiences with heart surgery and examinations, you can relax Elecivil.If it is going to hurt they will give you an anesthetic. Nothing they do to you while your awake is going to hurt or be dangerous.Your own imagination is the worst you have to deal with. Best wishes, Des.

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"Nothing they do to you while you're awake is going to hurt or be dangerous."Ha, ha, ha. That's a laugh. Have you had a Stress Test? It hurts, and they have the Crash Cart and medics standing by, just in case.

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"Nothing they do to you while you're awake is going to hurt or be dangerous."Ha, ha, ha. That's a laugh. Have you had a Stress Test? It hurts, and they have the Crash Cart and medics standing by, just in case.
Stop scaring the poor boy Trab. If he drops dead from a stress test it was too late anyway. :wub: They dropped those severe stress tests here sometime ago.Now they do an endurance sample test and estimate from known previous results.It is no more uncomfortable than a dizzy spell or an overly energetic orgasm.All very sophisticated. :hug:
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I guess it must be an Australian thing, this uncomfortable, sophisticated, overly energetic orgasm of which you speak.And at your age! Aren't you embarrassed? And what do you know that we don't?C

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