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Meet the new boss; significantly different from the old boss



Last night, I dreamed that Michael Cera and a dude I knew in high school were fighting for my affections, after an especially well-played, small-scale prank of mine caught their attention. I ended up choosing the dude from school, which made Cera kind of jealous. Then terrorists took the building hostage, so we had to put our personal feelings aside, team up, and fight them off. Which we did. It was the best dream ever.

So I wake up, realize it's a dream, and think "None of that was real. That's too bad."

Then I get to work and realize that the prank that I played in the dream - a simulated bloodless coup in which I seized control of my workplace - actually did happen. Last week (this was my first day back to work since), I waited until my boss was out of the building, then printed/posted some flyers informing everyone that I was the new boss, that I was to be referred to as "captain", and that everyone needed to salute when I walked into a room. There was also a list of ten or so new rules that I'd instated, placing limits on time machine usage, changing one group's job description to "Marching in formation while playing brass instruments," and so forth. I get to work, and I hear everybody laughing about the posters, quoting lines from them, and...speculating about who could have done it.

That's right, I forgot to sign my work.

But, come to think of it, that makes it funnier - there have been coups, before...but have there been very many anonymous coups, where everybody stands around going "I think some guy might have seized power, but I'm not sure who it was."? The only major down side is that nobody's saluting me. Yet.

"And my politic is that dancing is

The only cause worth fighting for

Because after the revolution,

Every intersection will be a dance floor."

"Stop Being So Cool and Get Silly" by Wingnut Dishwasher's Union


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Woohoo!Anyway, quick update: I accidentally wore my photo ID/name tag home from work yesterday. Seeing the opportunity, I've altered the job title section, so that instead of reading "Tutor/Proctor/Coach", it now reads "Tutor/Captain/Coach." I figure, hey, it's been a year since I've done any proctoring, but I'm the Captain right now. I wonder if anybody'll notice.
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