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Ear-ly in the mornin'.



A friend of mine recently joined the Navy. He was in town the other day, so we (and a couple others) went out to a karaoke bar to hang out. Now, for as long as I've known him, he's always thought that it would be hilarious to get the whole group together and perform a boy band song on stage. The rest of us figured, hey, the dude's home from the Navy - we ought to indulge him. This was the day it was going to go down.

So, we get a turn, and saunter up to the stage. He's already close to falling-down drunk (and he's completely tone-deaf even when he's not), so we know how great we're going to sound.

As I'm stepping onto the stage, he bumps into me, and I bite my tongue. Hard. Like, broken skin hard. Honestly, it felt like I just bit off half of my tongue. It hurts like hell, but, hey - the show must go on.

We get up there, and we pick the song "Bye Bye Bye" by *NSync. It was popular when we were in middle school, so we all knew it. The music starts, and I open my mouth and begin singing.

There's a gasp from the audience, and in a few seconds I know why. No, it wasn't because we all suck at singing (though we do). It's because there's blood pouring from my mouth, dribbling down my chin in fairly large quantities. Needless to say, I also sounded goofy as hell, because the whole of my tongue was nearly numb with pain.

In short, it may have been the most violent performance of an *NSync song, ever.

A few hours later, as we're getting ready to go home, we notice that our Naval friend is missing in action. One guy goes to the restroom to see if he's in there. He comes back, laughing, and says "He's in there puking his guts out into a urinal, because some guys are smoking up in the stall."

He stumbles back to the table, puts his head down, and stays in that position for the rest of the night. People at the table behind us entertain themselves by trying to bounce quarters into his exposed plumber's crack.

Being sober, and therefore the designated driver, I carry him out to my car, Bride-of-Frankenstein style. Now, he hasn't been in town for quite some time, so I don't know where he's staying, and he's in no condition to tell me. Hell, he's in no position to point. I glance at the clock and see that it's two in the morning, and I think to myself:

"What DO you do with a drunken sailor,

Ear-ly in the mornin'?"

I considered dropping him off on his grandmother's lawn. She lives close to me, so it was convenient, and it had the added bonus of making for a rather amusing story when he woke up. I decided it was a bit too cold to be leaving him on the lawn, however, and he ended up spending the night in my bathtub (because he wasn't getting anywhere near any carpets or furniture, heh).

The next morning, he said "Man, that really sucked, but you know the worst part? We never got a chance to sing. That would have been funny."

"We did." I replied.

"What? Awww, I can't remember it!" He groans, gripping his head. "Were we good?"

"There wath a lot of blood." I shrugged.

"Oh. Cool." He says, looking rather confused. "Wait...why do you have a lisp, now?"

"Becauthe the front forth of my tongue ith gone."

"...Oh. Damn, I missed a lot."

(Actually, most of my tongue is still there. It's just got a giant scab across the front. My whole mouth tastes like pennies.)



"Bye Bye Bye" by *NSync


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Since I can remember I've always accidentally bitten my tongue (I have big canines). What happened to you is probably one of my biggest fears. I feel for you.Then again, I imagine the audience's expressions were quite comical. *Gives you tongue implant*Maddy (:

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'Civ, you're supposed to let the other guy give ya tongue. OK, if you want, nothin' stoppin' you. You can self-tongue auto-eroti... ... Y'know, I can't believe I typed that. Hahaha. Wild. And as "inventive" as some ppl are, I bet nobody here ever thought of a self-French kiss.... (Quiet, smart guy....)You were just following in the tradition of Ozzy Osbourne. Only no bats were harmed in the process of pursuing your art. ;)Instead of "Bye, Bye, Bye," that was "Mlah, Mlah, Mlah."I sorta missed the whole boy band craze. My age, plus I was busy hidin' in that stupid closet.Hey, who *wouldn't* want to be a rock star, singin' awesome songs?Hmm.... The Navy guy, you could've done YMCA. Very old-school. LOL, congrats for not trying to mess with his head and saying you were now *much* closer. Heh. 'Cause that'd sound much funnier than it'd ever work out in practice. (Not recommended, you "kids" at home....)Um -- Hey, I hope your tongue heals up fine, soon. Ouch. That thmartth, lotth.Mlah, mlah, mlah!

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