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A New Novel by EC? Sooner Than You'd Think.



Leviathan Rusts

Everyday Adventures of a Social Misanthropologist


?I love you the way I love the efficient digestive system of the invasive zebra mussel."


?Rent?s due. I need it in my hand by sunset, or I kick your ass to the curb, then back in here, then back out to the curb, again. Why??

?Because you?re just that hardcore."


"A guy doesn?t get any?relief?for as long as you, and he ends up simultaneously mounting and head-butting a Coke machine out of sheer frustration. It's the first corollary to Moron Theory. And you?re far too dignified for that."


May is one long, full-scale taunt of a month. Simply calling its name forces thoughts of uncertainty. Will the weather be decent, today? It May. It fluctuates from violent to peaceful, from overcast and deathly quiet to glaring and buzzing with yellow jackets, all pollen-drunk and petal-blind. So goes the mood of its human inhabitants, equally flower-gorged. Equally beauty-stricken. Equally surprised by the sunbeams stretching for their hibernating eyes.


December 2009


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Oh, sorry to be picky, but I think it's a Zebra mussel although presumably it has muscles too.
And THAT'S why I'll be looking for an editor. Or at least a beta-reader. Heh. Fixed.
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Me too, and I'm sure I have way more time on my hands than Bruin.Of course, someone would again have to explain the difference to me between editing and beta reading. I still don't get it.And EC, I'm sure you've heard that phrase, "I don't get it," till it's coming out your ears.C(And I was just kidding about Bruin!)

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"May is one long, full-scale taunt of a month."So it's springtime for Hitler and Germany?This is a novel I'm very keen to read, even if down here in the southern hemisphere May falls in the fall. I'll see your May and raise you an October.EleCivil, I enjoy your writing immensely. It's muscular prose of erudition and insight tempered with wit and accessible style in the service of storytelling that quaffs deep from the well of human dignity.I'd best stop there lest the sycophancy rise to the level of uncontrollable gastric reflux.

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