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Gone for a Soldier by Alan Dwight

Nigel Gordon

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I have just finished reading this. It is a moving story well told. Not being American I find it difficult to comment on writing about the American Civil War, however, this story though set in the Civil War is more about war in general and how it impacts on those who survive. it is well worth reading.

You can find it here:


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​The United States of America is still such a young nation and for that reason our history is dear to us. The Civil War has always been prime fodder for writers of many generations and so we should not be surprised to see that many authors on AD have used it as a background, myself included.

​What alandwight has given us is a love story that includes a war and not the other way around. Relationships where one character is handicapped are always tricky, but he certainly evened that one out in good measure. Without giving away the story I enjoyed the way he reached a conclusion and restored balance among his characters. Thank you, Sir.

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