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Dangers of Equality

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My warning in 2004 that no country who accepted LGBT people didn't later recriminalise them, worries me greatly. The hate groups and the alt right, white supremacists, are on the rise, as is the fascist mindset which has invaded the White House. It does not please me to be correct in my prophecy, but it might be wise to recognise the danger that is posed by the marriage registries. The hate mongers could conceivably use the marriage registries as a list to know who they should target with their insane hatred. 

The answer is not to hide from them, but to become more vocal in proclaiming our human rights. Join an anti- hate group in your locale and work as hard as you can to defeat the right wing bigots, the despots, and the horrors of yet another war against tyranny.

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Words have significant value in society. They can share the love or heap on the derision. The United States is filled with words these days and some of them lead to violent activity. Foreign visitors, residents, no matter the age or ethnicity, are being verbally assaulted on the streets "Because Trump says we can."


Trumps latest ploy of attacking the press as dishonest lying scum is just another page from the Nazi playbook, which I am sure Trump advisor Steve Bannon had memorized years ago. The image of Trump standing before a large crowd of cheering supporters will be repeated again today as he holds a campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida. When they start yelling "Heil Trump" you will know it is time to abandon ship. (Not too many miles from Disney's Fantasyland which would be a more appropriate setting for a Trump rally....no wait, they are gay friendly these days).


The serious business of government is not being handled by this president, probably because he has no idea how it works. Flying off to a country club every weekend for golf is hardly presidential, just very expensive for the taxpayers. Of course, once there he can rally his adoring supporters and stoke his ego while perhaps discussing secret memos from the CIA or who to pick for his cabinet. We know his old golfing buddies are just filled with information on the right way to run our government and make deals, especially the old retired Mafia types.


It is unfortunate that the highest ranking member of our government is not vetted properly. Trump needs a mental exam which I doubt he would pass. Trump does himself no favors by living in the White House alone while his son and wife reside in New York. I do have an image in my head of him wandering the hallways of the White House in a bathrobe and tweeting at 3 am. The nut case in chief belongs out on the lawn with the squirrels. All I can ask is how did we allow this to happen?  We gave gone from G. Washington who could not tell a lie to D. Trump who does nothing but lie.  

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How did it happen?  Well, why not draw an analogy with George III.  He was a nut case in charge of a nation, and through his ministrations, England lost the Colonies.  The nation allowed his malfeasance to exist.  He was king.

Now we have our own king, and allowing him to wreck his havoc may cause similar travails.  Our only hope is for our system to triumph, for our courts and Congress to reign the man in.  So far, I'd say there's a less than 50:50 chance of that; the bully is winning.


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George III is well known in children's history books for being the "mad king who lost America". In recent years, though, it has become fashionable among historians to put his "madness" down to the physical, genetic blood disorder called porphyria. Its symptoms include aches and pains and blue urine.

I suggest watching the movie, The Madness of King George for a more modern view of the life and times of the king.


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4 hours ago, Merkin said:

What we need is a legal means to kick them all out.

We do have just such a means. It's known as The General Election of 2020. (One already dreads how often we'll be subjected to speeches about "The Great Vision of 20/20".)

Should it become necessary before that time, there is Mike Pence, who already fails your test. Then come Representative Paul Ryan and the rather past-his-prime Senator Orrin Hatch. Unless you are reading a Tom Clancy novel and need to track down the Deputy-Second-Under-Assistant-Secretary of Agriculture or some such oddity in the line of succession at Thunder Mountain.

The option presented in last year's election was somewhat America's latest attempt at a monarchy. The Adamses, Kennedys, Bushes and, now, Clintons have all given it a try but to no long-term avail. (The Roosevelts shared a name, but were only fifth cousins, so I don't count them.) The nation has proven to dislike that 'family' model. And flawed as the Electoral College may be perceived this time, it has served its initial intended purpose to keep large, populous, states from running roughshod over the less so. If thought necessary, there is a legal means to change that process as well.

Unlike many parliamentary systems, the US can't just call a new vote for next Thursday. There is a somewhat more predictable process here for changing government. For good or for bad? That's a tougher question. But there are legal ways to do that too.

It's the less legal means - on either side - that have me concerned.

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So today Trump confirmed it....he gets all his intel from Fox News. Taxpayers should be cheering. We can now do away with the NSA, CIA and DIA, think of all the money we will save. Of course, we will soon be invaded by Swedes looking to get away from all the terrorists in their country. Did Trump forget to take his meds again?

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57 minutes ago, Cole Parker said:

intelligence analyses consistently show what he's doing is wrong


It's not the first time that biased and politicized "intelligence" has caused serious problems.

The last time we got a close look at it was in the run up to the 2nd Gulf War. 

One camp was absolutely sure that Saddam had WMDs. The other was absolutely sure that he did not.

Both had paid informants that were telling the spooks on both sides exactly what they wanted to hear.

We're all a bit like that. We are ready and most willing to hear and believe what our preconceived biases tell us.

To be perfectly fair, Saddam had sworn vengeance on the US for his humiliating defeat in Gulf War 1. 

It wasn't unreasonable to expect that he had bad intentions. 

What everyone forgot on both sides of the behind closed doors debate was that no one had a smoking gun either way.


What too many people in the Washington bureaucracy have forgotten is that they don't work for their patrons.

They don't work for a party, bureau, agency or agenda.

They work for the people. If you can't do your job without bias, you need to retire and manage a fast food establishment.

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