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Congratulations New *and Improved* Zealand!


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No longer simply the little islands next to that big island south of the equator, Zealandia (not to be confused with Zoolander or Zoolandia) is now being declared an actual continent in its own right! Yes, it's true.

Granted, it's also a fact that 94% of the new continent's 1.9 million square miles can only be visited by SCUBA and bathyscaphe, but that's a YUGE chunk of harbor area. Question of the day, of course, is whether the nation will now expand its national borders to incorporate the enlarged reach. Take that, South China Sea!

Way to go, NZ!

You can't make this stuff up! http://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/scientists-discover-gigantic-lost-continent-that-sunk-into-the-ocean-millions-of-years-ago/news-story/960ddddbc7e338bcf9048255dfb18e56

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Most are going to think, "Well, that's interesting and all, but so what? It's only useful for people who study that sort of thing."


However, it is possible this will have some interesting implications politically and economically due to the loose standards on what constitutes a Maritime Border.


One of the criteria used is that all waters above a country's continental shelf are within their jurisdiction in terms of resources, shipping rights, legal reach, etc. So, this could end up being an interesting debate.

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