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oh no, how low can you go?

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Well the Donald's trick probably backfired. I doubt if anyone outside Argentina had heard about this award before, now the story seems to be everywhere, so the whole world knows that Carter was supposed to be honoured.

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The facts are considerably less ominous than the original article and, even worse, subsequent false stories saying Trump "persuaded" Argentina to rescind the award.  Simply not true.

The fact is that President Carter has  accepted the award and it will be presented at a time and place to be decided. It could just be that the 91-year-old former president, now in remission from both brain and liver cancer, couldn't pop on over to DC during the 2 days the Argentine president was in town.


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Isn't it interesting how quickly a news source can make a declaration, incite the hard feelings this story engendered, and then switch gears to say it didn't happen the way we reported it. Any wonder all we hear about these days is 'fake news.'

News has become so competitive, everyone jumping to tell us the facts that really are not facts at all. Perhaps the Buenos Aires Herald  should change their name to the Buenos Aires Speculator. 

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How quickly we get the news now, the immediacy with which information is disseminated, had vastly changed the world, and it seems to have snuck up on us.  Crimes and peaceful demonstrations are all videoed these days.  Happenings in foreign lands now are on our computer screens as they happen.  We're in a time of immediate awareness of the events around us.  Never before in history has this happened.  It's so easy to point out when fake news is fake.  Politicians and police agencies and corporations are still awakening to this new reality.



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