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A couple on an African Safari witnessed a small antelope being chased down by a cheetah.

While the kill was about to happen before their eyes, the husband casually remarked, “I’ll bet the antelope gets away.” 

The wife answered, “If that antelope survives this one, I’ll give you sex every day for the rest of your life.”


The chase was recorded, click here ... to see outcome

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Um, I did not give my consent for whoever recorded and posted me hunting.  Despite what the video suggests, I was not trying to eat that animal, the Antelope actually paid me to train him for the upcoming 2017 animal Olympics.  

But thanks for the person who recorded that video, my business has dropped off and I am back to hunting those poor antelopes as I don't have any income flowing into my pride.  If I find out who took that video, I will be seeing you in animal court.  

Broke and hungry Cheetah

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