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Tom Daley's Wedding

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With all the depressing news that seems to be floating around at the moment here is a good news story. Tom Daley and Dustin Lance have married at the Bovey Castle Hotel in the Dartmoor National Park, Devon, about 30 miles from Tom's home city of Plymouth.




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Relatively inexperienced where relationships were concerned, at age thirty I drifted into a relationship with someone twenty years older. It lasted until his death thirty years later. Of course there were times along the way when I wondered why I got stuck with an old git instead of the boy of my dreams. I dare say my partner also had his doubts from time to time.  You might expect that I would have found things difficult as his health started to fail and to an extent that was true, but in some ways it was harder for him. Towards the end he was stuck at home all day suffering from cabin fever (especially after he decided he was no longer safe driving) while I was out at work for 13+ hours a day. 

My concern is that one lives in the butterfly world of the film industry and the other in the ephemeral world of sports celebrity. If they are temperamentally suited for their relationship  to survive the associated pressures, all good wishes to them.

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