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The argument against having kids

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Jason, I feel your pain!

We ran a pub for ten years and served food. Kids were sometimes allowed in pubs that did food. Soon learnt that some people shouldn't be allowed to be parents.


Man comes in pub at lunch time.

"Are you doing food, landlord?"

Barman: "Yes Sir."

"Do you serve children?"

"Yes, How would you like them? Boiled or fried?"


With the groans ringing in my ears, I will go back behind my sofa.


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This past Saturday afternoon, I was at a local park for my afternoon walk. I noticed ahead of me, coming toward me, a kid on an electric scooter coming straight for me. I could tell by the look on his face he was up to no good as he bearly misses me. A few minutes later, he comes up from behind yelling something that I didn't hear since I was wear listening to music with some earbuds in place. 

Where was his parental units? I have no idea.

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