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Nigel Gordon

Separate Tongues

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There is a young final year film student who is trying to raise the funding to make a short film about 1950's gay society in England and the use of Polari - the language of the gay community. If any of you would like to find out about it, he has a YouTube video:



You can also get more details about his project on indiegogo.com. Just go to the site and search for Separate Tongues.

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18 hours ago, Merkin said:

Seems like a worthy project, but I barely understand most dialects of British English itself when spoken rapidly, so I'm hoping for subtitles.

Same here, those regional accents could almost be a foreign language and if you listen to Glaswegians talking, it is. Funny thing accents, especially if like me you were born and bred an Englishman and can barely understand your fellow countrymen. I leave out the Scots, it's another country!


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Well, the latest news on the project is that it is now fully funded. From some emails I got I suspect a few members of the AD Forums have made a contribution to its funding. Hopefully, we will see the results sometime in the future.

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