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Emus in the News


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Two items of Emu news interest:

1.  An elusive emu that escaped from a Vermont farm has been amusing residents in communities on Lake Champlain. The 150-pound flightless bird has been spotted wandering here and there in Grand Isle and South Hero since it escaped five weeks ago. The emu's owner took out an ad in a local newspaper saying, "Free emu if you can capture it."

2.  California authorities have captured an emu after the flightless fugitive led officers down a highway. The Fresno Bee reported Friday that the bird was apprehended after a brief pursuit by California Highway Patrol officers. Authorities say officers responded to a report that an ostrich was wandering along the right-hand shoulder of Highway 99 northwest of Fresno. Authorities say Madera County Animal Services took the bird into custody uninjured. Officers say they do not know whether the emu escaped a nearby farm or a moving vehicle. Animal experts say the native Australian birds can sprint at up to 30 mph.

Is there a possibility that this is the same emu?

Articles courtesy of sfchronicle.com

Colin  :icon_geek:

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I've heard emus can't fly; that probably means they're on the TSA no-fly list.  It could still go in disguise but would have to have it's own seat and be dressed in human clothes and be accompanied by someone who'd say her son is very embarrassed about his looks and so not to say anything about them.

I'm not sure how they'd have gotten around the ID, but school IDs are valid for flights, and some teenage kids do look really weird, so that could be faked. . .



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