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Pale green colored eyes

Hide the truth with your lies

Stuck in endless depression

Your gaze altered my perception

Those of you

Those of them

Those of me

Over and over anger together

Surround and confuse, circles forever

Fucking or fighting we waste our time

Inside a burning lust that tends to blind

Blinds you

Blinds them

Blinds me

Can you ever find your sun

A quiet place bright and warm

Fantasy lives inside your head

Numerous strangers dance in your bed

Jealous of you

Jealous of them

Jealous of me

Destiny drives us or maybe fate

Forced in a mold you begin to hate

Inside your head a vision is born

Not able to achieve perfection your torn

Dream of you

Dream of them

Dream of me

If all that we are is you and me

What can we do to finally break free

If them are the lies in time they'll fall

Then nothing really matter at all

Not you

Not them

Not me

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