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To Love In Silence

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To Love in Silence
By DesDownunder

I sit in silence, awaiting his return.
Silent thoughts wandering alone in my mind.
Thoughts of his happiness, and of my sorrow.
Sorrow that began when he told me all his dreams.
Dreams I must ever guard with my silence.

It hurts that his dreams are not the same as mine.
Mine, unknown to him, were already realised.
Realised when together we bought this house.
The house we have shared with each other as home,
A home where I could love him in silence.

Perhaps it would be best I quietly leave,
Leave while he's away proposing to his girl,
The girl of his dreams and of my shattered hopes
Hopes that as they must, now become my despair.
Despair I must conceal with my silence.

He will come home to announce his happy news
News that will rend my heart from my chest
Still beating and beating till it is still
While he dances his steps of life and love
And my love lives and dies in its silence.

He once told me friendship can give life to love.
My love is for him but his love is for her
And she deserves it all, for she adores him
With devotion that makes me love her as well.
I am cursed to love them both in silence.

I must be seen rejoicing in their union
I shall give them both my blessing and this house.
I'll sign the deed to him as a wedding gift
A gift for him to find after I have gone.
To applaud their love and deny my silence.

I must hurry because he will soon return.
My tears try to sign the deed. I hear his car.
I cannot see where to sign it. He is here
I'm too late to escape with myself intact
He walks in. No word, no sound can be heard.

We stand facing each other like ancient statues
Carved from the granite of youth, by the tools of gods.
Gods so envious that they make us both to cry.
But he should not be weeping. What has happened?

"She will not have me. She says it's you I love.
And she is right. I have loved you in silence."

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I likes. I really likes this one. I love it when a writer begins in an all to predictable way, so much that I skimmed over the narrative the first time around, then in the last moment pulls out something original that leaves me with a shocked look on my face.

I had to read it a second time...then a third. The author conveyed such hopelessness and selflessness. "My love will live and die in silence" Brilliant. Great job. The ending...perfect.


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Codey, Jason:

Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it.

The ending came to me suddenly after the rest was finished.

I was originally aiming for a total desolation, but having reached that moment this ending popped up, and somewhat surprised me too. lol.

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I liked it too. -- A message about not being afraid to tell people you love them, about coming out, and about being really sure of whom you buy a home with too. Well done, and a narrative poem.

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Fantastic, the ending sent a shiver down my spine. I'm glad you gave us a touching resolution rather than destruction.

We stand facing each other like ancient statues

Carved from the granite of youth, by the tools of gods.

Great imagery!

Camy 8)

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