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The Chronicles of Kadin


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I am a sucker for alternate realities and sword and sorcery, especially when they are well written.

In the world of 'proper' authors - those that are lucky enough to earn money doing what we love doing - I like Raymond feist's Midkemia stories, and Rowling's Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter meme is copied by thousands of 'us', and honestly I have read one or two that are more exciting and just as well written as Rowling's originals.

Feist is apparently not happy with others using his universe to play in, which is sad, 'cause 'Jimmy The Hand' is perfect fodder... Ahem.

Anyway, I digress.

Over at the eclectic gathering of free spirits, misfits and outcasts known as Codeys World they are just starting to publish a new serial novel called 'The Chronicles of Kadin' by Rick Spencer. This is good, could be great, and this Emu suggests you schedule time to read it. I've even got you a link to click: http://www.codeysworld.com/rick/kadin/index.htm

The presentation is also extremely good, with a guide to the characters and places, and a beautifully drawn map detailing the world of the chronicles.

Go on. You know you want to.


- not a ostrich.

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Thanks for the kind words, they are appreciated! I guess that hanging around with all the good writers here at AD and DW kind of rubbed off and caused the creative juices to start flowing. Creativity is contagious.

I've had the concept for this story kicking around in the back of my mind for the last few years. A few months back I sat down at the computer, and it just started flowing out. I have 9 chapters in the can and hope to get a solid start on chapter ten today. If things go to plan, I envision three books since I'm from the old school and believe epic fantasy comes in trilogies.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, Chapter Two went live last night, and we hope to keep posting a new chapter every two weeks, workload permitting. I'd also like to give you a heads up that an artist friend of mine has agreed to sketch the major characters for me, so those drawings, appropriately credited, will start appearing as he can work the drawings into and around his day job. I'm really looking forward to seeing how that turns out as well.

I'd like to say "Thanks" to Graeme, The Blue One, Codey, Jamie of Icaria, Camy, Talonrider, and my beta readers. Graeme for his initial support and advice, Ben for his fantastic work as an editor, Codey for offering "Chronicles" a home on the Web, and Jamie, Camy, and Talonrider for their kind words and support.

I hope you all enjoy the latest installment of 'The Chronicles of Kadin.'


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Come on over to Codey's World and check out the latest key character to be introduced in "The Chronicles of Kadin," Chapter Four, which is now live.

I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I did writing it!

Thanks once again to Blue for his efforts in making 'Chronicles' a better story for everyone.


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Codey's World = http://www.codeysworld.com/

Where you'll find The Chronicles of Kadin by Rick S.

Kadin is a fine tale of an older time or alternate world, with daring in swords and staves and magic, elves, dwarves, and dragons. But it is mainly about a boy growing up to find his place in a world that has both friends and dangers.

Rick and I have worked to make sure that The Chronicles of Kadin is presented in a way that fits the mood and the times of the story. The Guide is updated with each chapter, and you will find new items as coming chapters are added.

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For those of you following 'The Chronicles of Kadin', you'll find that chapter five is now available for your reading pleasure at Codeys World.

Blue managed to get it edited and posted for your enjoyment despite the holiday and the fact I forget to send him chapter five until after Thanksgiving.

Chapter twelve was completed last weekend and is out for comment from my loyal beta readers, whose efforts are greatly appreciated. I hope to get chapter thirteen completed this weekend, assuming I don't get interrupted too often. Funny how snowfall is conducive to writing.....

Warm Regards;


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For fans of The Chronicles of Kadin --

Rick S. had asked me to remove Kadin from Codey's World, and then we had a serious disagreement.

I have offered a public apology to him and have offered to re-post his stories if he wants.

I don't know if Rick S. will re-post the story at Codey's World or elsewhere.

Please let him make that decision without pressuring him as fans. It's his right to choose where or if he wants anything online.

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