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Declare yourself!


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:icon1: IF I finish it, I'll be entering.

Would you believe I have six stories currently open and working just now? Yes, that includes DC21&22. :lol: No, that doesn't include all TR's Unfinished Files, nor does it include OTHER people's stories I'm late with as editor (my apologies to those I love). It only includes what TR is actively writing and working on this month.

I wish I could blame my kitties for the delays and disorder... :w00t:

Can I blame the weather? The government? :w00t:

Kisses... :w00t:

TPR :lol: (Tragic Procrastinator Rabbit)

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If? If!

So: close the five others, finish the sixth, the one for Halloween - 'cause ya know the deadlines coming soon - and write, write , write.

See, easy!

This is why I don't date birds, Emu. :w00t: Bossy, bossy, bossy...


Actually, two of the stories are potential Halloween stories and all but one is due by month's end, so your suggestion is utterly useless. But thanks for the thought. :w00t: It might help to concentrate on one at a time, not that I'm not, but maybe one at a time UNTIL that one is done...or something, I dunno.


I haven't felt well at all, and the new kid in the house brought insects with her (but has the sweetest big eyes, so there ya go), and I've teetered on the brink of being outright downright sick, and half my friends are depressed or dying or whatever...and I get these upbeat daily email horoscopes that say things like 'polish your karma till it shines', et-fucking-cetera, and I'm just unhappy, I guess. Or else I need more chocolate. I'd say I need more sex but the bf just got fired and his mood is anything but thataway. Piano players are so highstrung...though actually he's an organist. Yep, an organist, yuk it up, bird. :w00t:

I'm more likely to walk a mile for a Camel than for Antonio Banderas. And that's just sad.

Bleh. Rabbits are so whiney... (but they taste good in stew)


TR :icon1:

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See? I'm hoist by my own petard. What I should have done is write a good -insert expletive of choice- story before starting a stupid thread called 'declare yourself'

I declare myself a prune. Though I did write a storyI've binned it. Plot holes to drive a truck through. Stupid, that's me.



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I wrote something. It's my first story, ever, and I'll expect you to rag on me gently and with love in your hearts. If anyone insists on beating me, please pick the right part of my body so I come away with something memorable. :icon11:

I don't suppose we can blame the editor if the story sucks? In a rally car, if the driver puts it in the ditch, the co-driver is blamed for giving the wrong instructions, nevermind that it is impossible to go straight ahead at a T intersection (safely) and no co-driver has ever told a driver to do that.

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Guest Gabriel Duncan

:: a television bursts into the room, wheels around, and plugs itself in. then it turns on and gabe appears on the screen ::

sorry everyone. i'm too busy with school to write another halloween story. i've sent a rerun of "Cowboy" to take the place of something that would probably be worse. . . . this message will self-destruct.

:: the television flies across the room, plugs flailing, and melts through the wall. a shortly afterwards, a white flash blinds the writer's workshop, and a deafening boom can be heard. ::

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