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wake me when I'm crying

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wake me when I'm crying

if you spend the night, here in my bed,

I only ask that nothing?s said;

if my pillow?s wet, please tell no one

that my eyes cried until the sun

just wake me when I?m crying

or look the other way,

it?s just my heart that?s dying;

at dawn, I?ll be okay

please don?t let them guess he haunts my sleep

or let him know that I still weep;

if you lie with me until the dawn,

tell no one else what?s going on

just wake me when I?m crying,

don?t let me cry all night,

forgive me all my sighing;

at dawn, I?ll be all right

if you stay with me, try not to mind,

ignore each tear that you will find;

yes, I know that it?s unfair to you

but please don?t let them know I?m blue

just wake me when I?m crying

and rock me back to sleep,

I promise that I?m trying

to learn how not to weep

it?s been long enough, my heart should mend,

my tear-filled nights should finally end;

I wish I?d forget he said goodbye

but I can?t help it that I cry

just wake me when I?m crying

and hold me close to you,

till all my tears are drying

and this long night is through

if you spend your night alone with me,

don?t let me drown in heartbreak?s sea;

though it isn?t you that is to blame,

please wipe my tears and call my name

just wake me when I?m crying

and tell no one it?s true;

help send this heartache flying

and bid these tears adieu


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